Creating a Crisis

The first rule of marketing and PR is to exploit the inner desires of the Freudian Id. If you want to sell a product, you create a crisis within the individual, letting them know that they couldn't live without it. 


Create The Crisis services new music to radio, print, television and blogs specializing in album launch and promotion. We are skilled in promoting tours by contacting local media and active on social media platform. Create The Crisis actively sends out press releases for upcoming shows and events as well as coordinates interviews where possible. 

Festivals & Bookings

Creating exposure in a country with such a broad landscape means that touring is a must and festivals are the easiest vehicle to do so. With over 80 festival contacts across the country, Create The Crisis is able to create a full artist profile and present the music in its appropriate genre. Remember to inquire early as festivals close beginning in September.  

Festival & Tour Grants

Getting places costs money. Luckily, there are a number of different institutions with granting opportunities for national and international tour. With a background in professional fundraising, Create The Crisis is able to complete grant applications to the Canada Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, FACTOR and more... 
Create The Crisis is more than just a publicity company. Our vision is to enrich the Canadian music scene through artist promotion and creating collaborative opportunities where available. There are many components to creating a healthy public profile and it is our job to help get you there. To check out some of the websites we've developed, click 'here'